Overall Goal

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Ensuring sustainable rural livelihoods by reducing rural poverty and vulnerability caused by socio-economic and natural factors. To achieve the overall goal, CSRL has three specific goals; agriculture, climate change and trade.


Achieving a Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) through participation of small and marginalized farmers including women.


  • Advocating for CARP to ensure equitable access for men and women to agricultural resources, work and income;
  • Protecting Bangladesh’s agricultural resources from the global International Financial Institutions (IFI’s) hegemony;
  • Empowering marginalized rural women and men in the market.


Conserving the underprivileged people’s rights in national macro-economic policies and trade agreements.


  • Providing continued support to the national government, trade bodies and other stakeholders on trade issues;
  • Ensuring employment for women in formal and informal sectors to gain economic leadership;
  • Safeguarding agro based small and medium entrepreneurs.


Achieving national climate change plan to ensure equitable justice in global context


  • Forming a global consensus to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases from the countries with the highest emission rates ;
  • Empowering the victims and vulnerable communities to gain fair adaptation policies and compensatory funds;
  • Advocating for the preferential status of the climate refugees towards migration.

To protect the interest of all 30 agro ecological zones in Bangladesh, eight major groups were outlined and all the activities of CSRL focused on those groups.

  1. Plain land Group – Fair price for agro products
  2. Coastal Group – Access to common natural resources
  3. Char Group – Access to market and ensure fair price for agro products
  4. Haor Group – Access to water bodies for fishermen
  5. Barindra Tract roup – Protect and conserve ponds and other water bodies
  6. Madhupur Tract Group – Protect the traditional land rights.
  7. Beel Group – Save the wetlands
  8. Hill Tract Group – Protect the traditional land rights.

There are three more specialized groups, assisting the campaigning activities:

  1. Women’s Group
  2. Youth Group
  3. Cultural Group
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