12 03, 2012

Agrarian Transition and Livelihoods of the Rural Poor: Agriculture Extension Services

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An agriculture based country, Bangladesh deserves high priority in this sector with a view to augment agricultural productivity resulting the increase of agricultural as well as economic growth. This straightly indicates the necessity of improvement in extension for agricultural services to all categories of farmers including small, marginal and landless. However, there are not [...]

12 03, 2012

Enhancing Growth and Equity in Bangladesh Agriculture: a Review of Policy Stands and Recent Interven

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Agriculture is regarded the lifeline of the Bangladesh economy. As the largest private enterprise in Bangladesh, agriculture (crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry) contributes about 23.50% of the GDP and seems to have managed to feed 150 million people of the country. The sector sustains the livelihood of about 52% of the labor force and [...]